Our Mission

To provide participants with the skills and resources necessary to prevent them from reverting back to the same negative, and self-destructive behavior that led to their adjudicated status. To guarantee that upon exiting the program each participant has a fair and realistic opportunity for caring for themselves as well as their families. The mission is to not just make them productive members of society but successful individuals positively impacting our community.

Our Story

U-Belongs’ primary focus is to aggressively and systematically reduce recidivism. We conduct social, economic, vocational, and education based workshops. We provide customized adult wraparound services and job placement for adjudicated adult men. The programs agenda is to mentor, motivate and inspire participants. We assist our clients with building solid foundations, increasing self-esteem, avoiding the cycle of prison, while establishing a sense of community, and a sense that they belong. That being said, U-Belong is for individuals focused and serious about their return and contribution to their families and their community. There is a strict expectation that each individual’s “walk must match their words”. Although each team member of U-Belong maintains the highest level of commitment to the success of each participant, we as an organization can not want “it” more than the participant.

Who is U-Belong

U-Belong is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in education, finance, corrections, law enforcement and returned citizens. Our staff is committed to helping returning citizens. Some of our staff have been deeply affected by many of the same issues as our participants but have committed themselves to overcoming their deficiencies and are now part of the solution.

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