Our Services

We conduct a pre-entry assessment to establish an understanding of their basic needs and to create an Individual service plan specific to those needs that is then closely monitored by their assigned case manager. Our strength is in our ability to connect with the individual. Our philosophy is to make the program about the client, not the client about the program. There are some fundamental commonalities between participants which we address, but to distinguish the deeper more individually unique barriers to their success is what we take pride in. In doing so we create a level of trust between the client and the program which is unparalleled and for them a true sense that they BELONG.



  • Reintroduction to interpersonal skills which includes;
  1. Communication, verbal and non-verbal
  2. Active Listening
  3. Teamwork
  • Family First which addresses the importance and strength of family support and how it can be a significant component to a successful return.
  • Social engagement and responsibility which focuses on the importance of expanding participant’s social roles and relationships.
  • Peer mediation and conflict resolution. This workshop offers a more practical and realistic approach to handling today’s conflicts as it pertains specifically to returning citizens.
  • Economic Awareness and Financial Literacy
  • Workforce Development which covers the investment and commitment by the potential employee in themselves to the process of returning back to the workplace and addresses universal and some specific expectations set by most employers.


The long-term goal we use to measure the true success of our program is the triumphant completion of probation or parole without incident;(a violation of any sort that results in the reincarceration of that client while in the program). Since we receive most of our clients in the early stages of their probation or parole sentence we establish various task based on their intake interview to address their specific and personal barriers to success which sets and measures short term goals. Some of these goals consist of negative drug screens, High School Diploma or GED, obtaining all necessary legal documents, family reunification or the assistance with custody of children, acknowledgement of all financial responsibilities, discontinuation of status hearings, and finally obtaining permanent employment. Due to the various nature of each individual clients need, the metrics in which we use to measure success of the program include knowledge and behavior evaluation and outcome specific data collection which are mutually exclusive.